A hidden away inn for adults,
limited to 5 groups per day

An inn playing the role of a hideouts for adults, located in a rural corner of the Hirayama hot springs area of Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, and limited to 5 groups per day.The annexes all use 100% genuine freshly sourced hot spring water.Characterized by the first-rate cuisine that is prepared by the female owner-chef and brought to the stylish, high quality Japanese-modern rooms.The inn has an extremely high-quality feeling of space, and receives patronage from guests outside of Japan as well.


A hidden away inn for adults, with a total of 5 guest rooms.

Excellent dishes prepared by female owner-chef.

A detached annex that emphasizes private space.

Enjoy 100% freshly sourced hot spring water from its source.

Basic Information

In/Out 16:00/11:00
Style of accommodation Japanese style room
Toilets Western style & Toilet with shower
Meals available Evening meal & breakfast
Number of rooms 5rooms
Capacity 18 people
Smoking/Non-smoking NoSmoking
English speaking ability No

Kumamoto Prefecture Kikuchi City of climate
( Temperature and precipitation )

Kikuchi City annual average temperature : 18.6 ℃
annual precipitation : 2265.7 mm
statistics period : 1981-2010


The fundamental concept regarding the Ryokan Guest Charge System is based on a per person charge with two meals (dinner + breakfast) within the capacity of 2~4 guests in a room.

Japanese Hospitality - OMOTENASHI

Tatami room

A tatami is a mat used to cover the floor in a Japanese room.
It’s made of bundled straw and covered with tightly woven rushes called igusa.
Japanese sit down and lie directly on the tatami taking off their shoes here.

Japanese tea and snacks to go with tea

We'll serve you with Japanese green tea as a welcome drink upon your arrival.
Please also enjoy delicious Japanese confectionery together.

Toilet with shower

The Japanese have been using toilets with shower for over 30 years.
These toilets allow you to wash yourself with water of a comfortable temperature, and to dry yourself with breezy air.
These toilets are also equipped with heated seats and bidet.


You will find a yukata in the guest room.
Yukata is a kimono-style sleepwear.
You can also wear this to the public bath or to the public eating area.


At night, you sleep in futon on the tatami floor except certain guest rooms.
The staff will spread out the futon on the tatami floor while you’re having dinner at the restaurant.

Japanese leather-soled sandals

Please take off your shoes within the hotel area.
When moving between facilities in the hotel, please use slippers.
When going out to the garden or the carpark in the hotel, please use “Setta”(Japanese leather-soled sandals).

Automatic vending machine

A machine that gives out drinks you desired when coins or notes are inserted.

Internet access

Wireless internet is available in the lobby.
Internet access is free of charge.

By Plane

By Train


A special discount ticket offered by JR railways, geared towards individual foreign tourists.
Ride as many bullet and express trains as you'd like (Nozomi and Mizuho trains excluded) within the given time period!

In the case of car(Access time)

15 minutes by car from Kyushu Automobile Kikusui Interchange and Nankan Interchange, and 20 minutes by car from Ueki Interchange.

Accommodation facilities & more details

Internet access Yes
Internet connection charges No
Pets Allowed No
Onsen hot springs on accommodation Yes


Service & tax
Service charge included
Consumption tax included
SPA tax(150yen) NOT included
※ New Year, Obon ,seasonal periods such as the GW may be subjected to a different price.
Most common charge style Room with breakfast included (per person)
Room with evening meal and breakfast included (per person)
Child Not acceptable
Cancellation ※Cancellation fee
7 day prior: 40% of the room rate
2 day prior: 50% of the room rate
1 day prior: 70% of the room rate
Accomodation day: 100%
Payment Cash,


Name of accommodation HOTARU NO NAGAYA
Address 5206-7,Hirayama,Ymagashi-city,Kumamoto prefecture